Know Your Business (eKYB)

Quickly Evaluate the Financial Health of a Company.

From deciding which prospects to pursue to maintaining a balanced portfolio, understanding the credit risk associated with each customer is vital to protecting your business. With comprehensive credit reports on companies around the world, W2 make managing your own credit risk an easy task. Our Know Your Business (KYB) suite has been designed to provide finance and credit teams with all the tools and details needed to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Protect and Grow Your Business

Credit risk management can be a struggle for many businesses – they have to contend with factors such as late payment, bad debt and even corporate fraud. You can build a robust credit risk platform by using W2’s accurate company information and credit intelligence to minimise risk and create new opportunities. Nowadays, every customer expects assistance as quickly as possible. It is no longer acceptable to spend hours (or even days) on accommodating a new customer and their needs, therefore making a positive first impression is the first step in making to making your new customer is a happy customer. Make credit decisions quickly and without hassle.

Avoid risks of late payment

Early warning flags enable you to avoid late payers and pursue bad debt threats.

Improve Days Sales Outstanding

Reduce your DSO through credit insights which help you identify late payers.

Spot opportunities

Take advantage of good ‘payees and credit ratings’ to improve credit terms and encourage new business opportunities.

W2 for Third Party Screening

Carry out supplier screening to check whether potential suppliers fit your risk criteria prior to working with them in order to safeguard your business from unnecessary risks. With the very latest of business reports, you can blacklist customers and suppliers who do not meet your credit approval criteria to speed up your due diligence screening process. Evaluating all third parties thoroughly and conducting vendor screening is essential to protecting your business.