Credit & Banking Checks

Some industries, like online gambling, require due diligence checks to be made on a clients bank account, credit history and income to remain compliant with legistlation. We have a number of electronic credit and banking checks to help businesses meet their KYC and AML obligations when new accounts are opened and when existing customers need to be checked.

Our Income Verification, Bank Account Verification and Consumer Credit Check services will help your business demonstrate that the correct due diligence proceedures are in place. With W2, you can ensure that the information about customers’ sources of funds are appropriately risk-based, fit-for-purpose and, crucially, being implemented effectively.

UK Income Verification

Income Verification, Affordability Assessments and Source of Funds checking have all become ‘must-haves’ as operators continue to raise their standards in responsible lending and gambling.

UK Bank Account Verification

Our verification software instantly validates sort codes, account and address details. This allows you to quickly detect fraudulent activity or simple human error.

UK Consumer Credit Check

Check the credit status of company directors, proprietors and individuals; Decide who you do or don’t want to do business with our simple and easy-to-use risk scores in realtime.