online casino verify age

Trusted and Simplified Approach to Age Verification!

Currently, remote gambling providers must verify the identity (including age) of the customer within 72 hours, however as of the 7th May 2019 legislation will change and gambling operators will be required to age verify ALL players prior to having access to any online products including ‘Play for Fun’ games.

Along with our traditional credit file age verification checks W2 can offer alternative trusted and simplified methods of age verification (AV). This alternative approach to age verification provides a seamless consumer experience enabling simplified ‘free to play’ and player on-boarding. Full KYC for age verification is not always necessary, our simplified AV is low cost, easy to integrate and easy to use.

All of our trusted, robust and secure methods of age verification support the Gambling Commissions requirements for additional age verification compliance.

  • • Simple plug in integration
  • • Easy to use on all devices
  • • Flexible pay-as-you go or monthly billing.
  • • Full audit trail

Multiple AV Options:

Credit file
Validate a consumers age using traditional credit file data. Name, Address & DOB is required to verify age.

Credit card authentication
Validate that the credit card number is valid based on credit cards only available to consumers over the age of 18.

Validate ownership of the email address entered and identify the age of the email address to classify the approximate age of the consumer.

Mobile phone
Using the consumer’s mobile phone number to validate ownership along with a ‘lookup’ to check it the adult content barring has been removed.

How does it work?

Merchants can redirect site users to a secure hosted page where consumers can enter their details and perform an age verification check. Upon completion of the age verification check, the results will be posted back to the merchant at a pre-agreed endpoint and the site consumer will be redirected back to the merchant. This is a frictionless and uncomplicated process for both merchants and consumers.

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